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Pendants, Earrings, & Engagement Rings


How to find out a price for a better Center Stone?

Some Gems cost a lot cheaper than others. At Kunz'z, honest gem prices are given and for all rings you can choose to have your own choice of stone with these easy steps. 

  • Choose a desired ring with desired stone 
  • Visit our "Contact Us" page, "Copy & Paste" the name of the product with the choice of stone. 
  • Email us with the following information for the best Price & we will open a new item tab under "Custom Orders" which can be found on our "Shop" page. 

Returns & Exchanges


  1. Exchange Policy: Exchange accepted(30 DAY POLICY) 

  • Damaged Product? Send the product back to Kunz'z, and we promise to take a look at your product and fix it(IF POSSIBLE)

How long will my product take?

Some products may take longer than others. This is due to their complexity. For example, a bracelet may take up to 12 weeks. No product must take up to more than 12 weeks or your money back(Holiday Excluded). Rings & Earring take 4-6 days, sometimes earlier depending on how many orders Kunz'z Jewelry has.  Just ask us about your product & a customer service agent will email you back as soon as possible. Remember you can keep track of your item before it ships out. 

How it's made? and what we offer?

From the very  scratch, Kunz'z Designs uses Cad 3d program to design your custom requested ring. You have the chance to email exchange and follow the  process of what's happening with your product. Step by step until the very  end!  After the product is crafted on  Matrix V.8 , it is printed in 3d and sent to casting where it turns into the type of metal requested: 14Ct Yellow Gold , 18Ct White Gold, etc... The final step is the diamond setting. 

What Sort of Payment Method Do We Have to offer?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal are accepted for forms of payment. SSL secure payment method.

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  • All Payments are connected through stripe payments. (ONLINE PAYMENT METHOD)

Further Questions?

Kunz'z Jewelry has customer service agents working 24/7 to serve you! Please feel free to contact our email or visit our "Contact Us" page to ask further questions.